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J. N. Ding Darling drew through two world wars and many lesser conflicts. He was always attuned to the suffering caused by war, and his cartoons conveyed to non-combatants that suffering.

As an ardent conservationist, he urged the wise use of the world's natural resources, arguing that history demonstrated when a nation's population outstripped its natural resources, conflict with neighbors inevitably followed.

Just as he drew through two world wars, Darling drew through the efforts toward ending those wars and avoiding future wars. He was a fervent supporter of the League of Nations, and indignant when the U.S. Senate, jealously guarding its prerogative over foreign treaties, undermined all efforts toward an international peace organization.

Although "Ding" was more than willing to fight when necessary, he basically judged all wars as the failure of men's rationality.

Casualties, 1916
Treaties, World War I, 1918
Disarmament, 1926
Hitler, 1939
Civilization, 1939
Pearl Harbor, 1942
Home Front, 1943
United Nations, 1945
Cold War, 1948
Human Intelligence, 1926

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